IDX says there will be 3 new issuers in July

LIMAPAGI – The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) noted that there are currently 23 companies in the pipeline queue to go public (IPO). Of these, 3 are expected to be listed in July 2022.

IDX’s director of corporate valuation, I Gede Nyoman Yetna, said 736 companies listed shares on the Indonesian stock exchange as of July 6, 2022. There are 24 companies, of which will be newly listed in 2022.

“To date, there are 23 companies in the IDX stock listing pipeline, 3 of which are expected to list in July 2022,” Nyoman told reporters on Wednesday, July 7, 2022.

He stated that there were 2 companies with small assets or assets under 50 billion rupees. Then 10 medium-sized asset companies or assets between Rp 50 billion and Rp 250 billion and 11 large asset companies or assets over Rp 250 billion.

In terms of the industry, there are 3 companies from the non-cyclical consumer sector. 2 companies from the raw materials sector. 3 companies from the technology sector. 4 companies in the consumer discretionary sector.

Furthermore, 2 companies from the transport & logistics sector. 4 companies from the industrial sector. 1 company from the energy sector. 2 companies from the financial sector. 1 healthcare company. 1 retail company.

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