IDN Media Officially Enters Esports by Acquiring GGWP.ID

IDN Media officially entered the esports industry by acquiring GGWP.ID, which is an esports company in Indonesia. Ricky Setiawan, founder of GGWP.ID, will continue to carry out his role as CEO of GGWP.ID, which consists of 60 people. The esports industry is growing rapidly in recent years, especially in Indonesia.

IDN Media Officially Enters Esports by Acquiring GGWP.ID

Seeing this potential, IDN Media believes that the rapid growth of the esports industry is still in its early stages and will continue to grow. This can be seen from the increase in the number of players and esports lovers in Indonesia. Industry experts predict that 2022 and 2022 will be the years of esports.

As a one-stop esports company, GGWP.ID has 4 main business units:

  • Esports Media which presents the most complete esports news through various platforms;
  • Esports Tournament Platform as a platform that allows esports fans to create their own tournaments;
  • Esports Team as a professional team that competes in popular mobile games;
  • Esports Creative which acts as a creative agency for the needs of storytelling, content creation, and online activation of brands.

GGWP.ID also collaborates with the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) and the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) to organize the biggest game event in Indonesia: Game Prime. IDN Media has a vision to make GGWP.ID the leading esports company in Indonesia and change the negative stereotypes of society towards esports. In fact, playing esports can hone intelligence, team work skills, focus, and strategic thinking for Millennials and Gen Z.

IDN Media Officially Enters Esports by Acquiring GGWP.ID

Through GGWP.ID, IDN Media also wants to introduce and promote the potential and positive impact that esports has for the younger generation, including for esports players, fans, content creators, or brands. Winston Utomo, Founder & CEO of IDN Media – “We are very excited to enter the esports industry, as well as working with Ricky and the GGWP.ID team. We believe the esports phenomenon has just begun and is still in its early stages. Through GGWP.ID,

We have a vision to create the largest and leading esports company in Indonesia that is also able to have a positive impact on society, especially for Millennials and Gen Z.” Ricky Setiawan, Founder & CEO of GGWP.ID – “We are very happy to join IDN Media. As a leading media company for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, IDN Media can help us reach a wider audience and realize our dream so that esports can be enjoyed by everyone. Esports for everyone.”

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