Iconic Characters Coming to Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Pass, Steel Legion

Call of Duty: Mobile Presents Battle Pass Steel Legion

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Call of Duty: Mobile Presents Battle Pass Steel Legion

GridGames.ID – Entering May, Call of Duty: Mobile has launched a new Battle Pass season with the theme of Steel Legion.

This time’s theme tells about the rise of the Reaper machine troops who are planning to invade the world.

David “Section” Mason, iconic characters from the Call of Duty series are also present in this new Battle Pass to stop the invasion of the Reapers.

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Not only that, this FPS game developed by Garena Indonesia also presents an interesting event to celebrate its 6 month anniversary.

For more details, kuy, see the explanation below.

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1. Human vs Machine – Reaper Character as the First Machine Squad in Call of Duty: Mobile

After releasing various iconic characters before, the Reaper character is the first machine character released in Call of Duty: Mobile.

With the main story being the invasion of machine forces, the presence of David “Section” Mason, the protagonist of the Call of Duty Black Ops II series, in Call of Duty: Mobile complements the special battles in this new Battle Pass.

For fans of the Call of Duty series, they can also complete their collection of iconic characters, where previously the character of Alex Mason, who is the father of David Mason, was released first.

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