Icebox Valorant Map has another serious bug! This time Killjoy!

Icebox Valorant Map has another serious bug! This time Killjoy!

Valorant’s latest map, Icebox, seems to be fine since this map was first released on October 13.

Previously, Omen’s agent had a bug that caused him to be placed off-map. Second, Jett had a problem with the rope, which could cause him to fly far. This time, Kiljoy also has his own bug.

One of the players has discovered a bug that could ruin a Valorant match. Killjoy can remove his turret from the map.

The turret can detect the position of the enemy and shoot the wall to do a lot of damage to the enemy.

Where can I find Killjoy Bugs?

Icebox map Killjoy turret bugThe Killjoy bug was found in the snowy mountains around the Icebox map and kitchen location.

In one of those corners, Killjoy users must have the right lineup. Then you can place the Killjoy turret and the talent disappears!

It looks like it’s gone, but in reality the Killjoy turret is still there and not visible to all players.

The biggest problem with this bug is that your opponent doesn’t seem to have a way to destroy the turret.

As your opponent slips through the kitchen area, you will inevitably hit the Killjoy turret.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use the Killjoy bug. This bug can compromise the integrity and matchmaking experience.

Enemy players can report that they have used an exploit that is not part of the Valorant game design.

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It’s not clear if Valorant developer Riot Games received the bug news, but players have reported it on social media and the Valorant forums.

We hope this bug will be resolved before Icebox is activated in competition mode.

This is a serious bug in Killjoy on Map Valorant, Icebox. For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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