Hype Abis, Dragon Nest Mobile Launching OBT this May guys

Dragon Nest is now available on the Mobile platform, Thank you Siamgame

Yes, friends, after last May we had Lineage 2 Revolution, now in May 2022 it is here to accompany us a game title that used to be one of the best-selling games among PC gamers. Especially if it’s not Dragon Nest M. Siamgame will not hesitate to immediately present this game in several countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. But that doesn’t mean players from other countries can’t join the adventure in the Dragon Nest world.

Hype Abis, Dragon Nest Mobile Launches OBT this May

Trailer videos and gameplay of Dragon Nest M



Flooded with Players, Dragon Nest M opens up to server 38

By seeing the very high interest of the players, because it was opened globally and not only opened for the Indonesian region, the game publisher finally opened new servers continuously. Since launching until now (approximately 2 weeks) there have been at least 38 servers that players can choose from. This is done solely in order to provide a comfortable playing experience and without any lags and disturbances.

Hype Abis, Dragon Nest Mobile Launches OBT this May

It does not rule out the possibility of adding new servers again, or even later there will be server merging. We’ll see in the future hehe

Download Link and Information about Open Beta

Here is the Download Link and a little information about the Open Beta
App Store: http://smarturl.it/dnsea_fbpost
Google Play Store: http://smarturl.it/dnsea_fbpost
APK: http://smarturl.it/dnseapre-apk
If you download the APK version, you can use many additional payment channels such as Unipin, Codapay, Mycard, 12Call, Truemoney, Bluecoins, Molpoints and others.

vital Records

  1. Accounts & Data can be used on iOS & Android. So players using iOS can still log in on Android or PC Emulators.
  2. If you use iOS, don’t use Google Login when you want to play on Android.
  3. According to the Apple/iOS company, Gift codes cannot be used on iOS. So for players when they want to redeem for a Gift code, they must log in on Android.
  4. You must uninstall the CBT version and download the OBT version to be able to play again.

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