Hp BM Blocked! Check Your IMEI Now

It seems that the government is starting to be firm in handling BM (Black Market) cellphones. Because the official BM cellphone will be blocked starting May 18, 2022. For this reason, the government urges the public to check IMEI starting from now.

The reason the BM cellphone is blocked

Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said that Indonesia is estimated to suffer a loss of IDR 2 trillion per year due to BM cellphones. The loss is because the Black Market Mobile is not subject to VAT (Value Added Tax).

“Approximately IDR 2 trillion a year [kerugian], or approximately IDR 55 billion every day. So, if we delay a day [aturannya], there is an opportunity lost of Rp55 billion,” Rudiantara in Jakarta Friday (10/18/2019). Quoted from Tirto.id

Safe Mobile from Blocking

Hp BM Blocked!  Check Your IMEI Now

Mobile phones that are not illegal or BM and are safe from government blocking in May are as follows:

  • Official Warrantyi: Mobileague pals, you must have seen the information when browsing your cellphone on the marketplace, right? “Official guarantee” or “Distributor’s Warranty”. Now what is safe is the official warranty.
  • IMEI registered: The Ministry of Industry has a website to check the IMEI of our cellphone, if it is registered there, our cellphone is safe from the blacklist.
  • Postel permission: Postel permissions are related to wireless connections such as wifi. We can look for postel permits in cellphone boxes which are on the same label with IMEI.

How to Check Mobile IMEI

Hp BM Blocked!  Check Your IMEI Now
Website Check IMEI

IMEI is a mobile phone identification number consisting of 15 digits. If your phone has one SIM card slot, the IMEI is one, if the SIM card slot is dual, then the IMEI is 2. Here’s how to check the phone’s IMEI:

  • In the Settings: Go to your settings or Settings, then select About or About Phone. When it appears there will be your phone’s IMEI. If it does not appear then continue to step 2.
  • Type *#06#: Open the phone app, then dial *#06# and click phone. Later IMEI information will appear. The dual SIM will appear 2 IMEI.

If you have found your phone’s IMEI number, go to the website provided by the Ministry of Industry to find out whether your cellphone is illegal or not. Go to the web. Check the IMEI of the Ministry of Industry now, then enter the IMEI of your phone, press ENTER for the results to appear.

If your phone is official, it will display “IMEI registered in database Ministry of Industry.” if zonk, then what appears is “IMEI is not registered in” database Ministry of Industry.”

What If Your Cellphone Is Illegal?

“All customers who have used their cellphones today, there will be no changes and remain active,” said the Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana in Jakarta, Friday (28/2/2020). via kompas.com.

This only applies to cellphones that are active before May 18, 2022, if you pass from there it will be completely blocked.

What do Mobileague friends think about this regulation? Let’s comment below! To read other interesting articles, click here!

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