How to write text on photos / pictures on Android phones

Snapseed is an Android application developed by Google that focuses on Photo editor or the photo inside Smartphone. This application works on the same system as the Picsart application. This application can perform manipulations, add objects, draw on them image or photos etc.

Maybe Snapseed isn’t as popular as Picsart. However, this app has a lot of functions to do with it Edit picture or photos in your gallery album. Although this Snapseed application doesn’t have as many features as Picsart, you can use this Snapseed application with specs Smartphone this is standard and does not require a lot of data in memory.

You have the desire to create text in the picture. For example, writing wisdom texts, slogans, brief announcements, brief information, Thumbnails, covers, etc. You can do all of this with the Snapseed app.

How to add text to a picture using Snapseed on an Android phone.


1. Install the Snapseed application on the Play Store for those of you who don’t already have the application. Go to the main menu symbol – press the symbol Snapshot.

2. Tap open minded or Symbol (+). Choose file image or photo that you want to add text to.

3. Tap TOOL – Tap Text.

4. Choose the type of text that suits your needs or desires.

5. Double-tap the body of the text. Fill in the text as you wish. Then tap OK.

6. Tap EXPORT. This is useful for saving the results of adding text image or your photo.

7. Select an option export according to your requirements. There are two options for this option.

  1. Export, a function that is used to save the results Crop image or your photo immediately in the gallery.
  2. Export as, a function that is used to save Crop image or your photos in the gallery in a custom.

8. Here are the results.


Now you can put the text in the picture or in the photo Smartphone She. You can express ideas and imaginative thoughts in text that fits the context of the picture.

This is a tutorial on how to write on photos or pictures on an Android phone. Much luck.

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