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UPDATE September 15, 2022

Hello Inwepo friends, as a reader you can now write and create tutorials for Inwepo. There are many benefits to contributing to writing on Inwepo, one of which can help millions of people in Indonesia who need tutorials for their writing.

Maybe someone has a problem or has problems with the GadgetsThen you know the solution, there is nothing wrong if you share the solution in the form of your tutorial writing on Inwepo.

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Requirements for creating tutorials on inwepo

1. Make the title of the tutorial as attractive as possible (at the moment it’s only about the world of technology or gadgets).

2. Enter a picture of your tutorial steps. It is not mandatory to use a clue symbol in the picture unless the information in the picture is difficult to distinguish or understand (if you want to use a symbol in the picture as a clue, use a circle or square, it is forbidden to use arrow symbols).

Do not upload too many pictures (the more text, the better and better, just upload the pictures that are important to show or explain and if you need a lot of pictures, please combine 2 screenshots into one screenshot.

3. Write and paste a tutorial in the form of steps picture of Gadgets she (got to!) may not be copied from other people’s blogs / sites or Search engine.

  • To write at least 350 original words your writing style is not the result copy paste of people’s blogs / sitesIf there is a written word in English, it must be italic (Italics).
  • shortcut Please delete the picture so that the readers cannot click on the picture and place the picture full size with image format .JPG
  • Pictures shouldn’t be broken and too small, please adjust it so that the image viewing distance fits and can still be seen.

I. Beginning of the word & explanation: Description of the general view or problem related to the tutorial you are trying to create, or an explanation of the application, application features, and techniques that will be used to resolve it. After the first paragraph, it is mandatory to use it Heading 3, to briefly describe the application or technique used.

II. Content: The steps are in the correct order, along with pictures, and include a download link / site if the tutorial is related to the application and it is forbidden to use arrows in text or pictures. Must enter COURSE 3 Tutorial before writing the steps, can also add sub-headings, Heading 4.

III. Closing word and conclusion: Conclusion and conclusion. Must use COURSE 3, Conclusion on the tutorial or summary of the article discussion.

The HEADING function should create a table of contents after the first paragraph.

4th Upload photo Thumbnails or Featured image with mandatory size 1040 width x 624 height, this picture is used to display a small picture on the homepage or main page of Inwepo in each article.

The featured image / thumbnail image must have been created by yourself (vector or cartoon model, unless the article is about photography). You can also use “no copyright” images from the site by choosing vector or cartoon images!

If you don’t use a featured image from a non-copyrighted Freepik site, etc., or don’t create your own, your item will be REJECTED!

Don’t write too much on the presented picture, just make it as simple as possible.

5. Select the category according to the tutorial you created (Prefers Android and is paid more).

6. Choose the last step Submit to publish articles or save draft Store article.

Before submitting, you must check for duplicate content. If the same sentence is found, be it from the Inwepo website or other websites, we will not accept the letter. Please check this page

If everything is just waiting for written approval, does your tutorial qualify for admission? publish in Inwepo.

Some of the accepted categories of writing

  1. Android tutorials (Preferred)
  2. iOS tutorials
  3. Linux tutorials
  4. Windows tutorial
  5. Messenger tutorials
  6. Internet tutorials
  7. Blogger tutorials
  8. WordPress tutorials
  9. Design tutorials
  10. Programming tutorials
  11. SEO tutorials
  12. Web server tutorial
  13. Game instructions
  14. Macintosh tutorials

(Prefers Android and is paid more expensive).

Inwepo does not accept plagiarized / plagiarized articles from other people’s websites or articles that are already on Inwepo. Make it your own writing style or convey our own way and personal experience by taking references from other people’s websites or blogs.

Inwepo’s favorite tutorial article

We are prioritizing the tutorial again Trend / boom, newest, newest, most wanted, not old / stale, not HOAX and does not deceive or deceive the readers.

Write to share! then your writing will look more meaningful and interesting.

Update: Example of writing tutorials in Inwepo (note the writing)

You can also get a bonus by sharing tutorials on Inwepo daily. We will contact you and offer a cooperation for you

Contribute videos to YouTube

How to submit and contribute tutorial videos channel Inwepo? You are enough toUpload the video is host whatever you want, for example Google Drive, Mediafire or host Miscellaneous. Then you ask Download link the video in the article you made.

Video conditions

  • At least 720p HD quality.
  • At least 3 minutes of video.
  • Must use explanatory vocals but be clear in voice, not mixed in with noises outside of the content (do it like a professional YouTuber video).
  • Add instructions or in the form of text / short sentences below / above the video (sentence position must be consistent and do not change position).
  • Add to background Music that is not copyrighted / free of copyright and include the source of the music information from where along with the link.
  • You can see an example of a video on YouTube Inwepo.
  • Can record screen Smartphone with DSLR cameras or apps Screen recorder.

Payment Information

Payment information can be found under the following link: Inwepo’s payments and income for authors


We will delete posts and images that contain the copyright of others or we will not accept them.

Thanks very much.

* Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, check back regularly

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