How To Withdraw Money On Video Snacks Through DANA

How To Withdraw Money On Video Snacks Through DANA

How To Withdraw Money On Video Snacks Through DANA – Money-making applications are currently being sought after and are also used by many people. Indonesia itself is a country where many people use money-making applications.

By utilizing money-making applications, users of these applications can benefit from being able to make money quickly and instantly just by lying down. So don’t be surprised if many people use money-making applications for side businesses

There are many money-making apps that can be used. One that you can use is the Snack Video application. In addition to the Snack Video in the previous review, we have also shared other money-making applications which of course you can also try

Especially in this discussion, we will provide reviews or important information about the Snack Video application. Previously, we also discussed a lot or provided information about this entertainment application as well as a money-generating one

Of course, on this good occasion we will provide another review but it is still the same theme. More precisely, we will provide a review on How To Withdraw Money In Snack Video Through DANA. For that, please read more

How To Withdraw Money In Snack Video

Before withdrawing money from the Snack Video application, make sure you have a balance in your wallet menu. There are several options that can be taken. That is 5000, 15000. 30,000 and the most is 50,000

Especially for users who are the first to withdraw money from this application, they can withdraw 2000. One thing you should know is that the number of coins is different from the balance. Even though your coins are in the millions when converted, of course the number is not millions

You also need to note that being able to withdraw money every day is limited. You can only withdraw money within 1×24 hours 1 time. So you can’t withdraw more than 50 thousand or more than once in 1×24 hours

There are many options for being able to withdraw money from the video snack application. You can use OVO, Gopay, and also DANA. It’s up to you which application you want to use. The most important thing is that your balance can be withdrawn and you can use it.

How to Withdraw Money On Video Snacks Through DANA

This time we will provide a tutorial or method that you can use to withdraw money on Snack Video. The tutorial that we will share is using the Dana application. Of course you are already familiar with the functions and benefits of this one application.

  • First, please make sure you already have an application and a Dana account
  • Then please open the Snack Video application and click the coin icon
  • Next, your coin and rupiah balance will appear
  • Choose the dancing menu on the rupiah balance
  • Click on the money option you want to take and click Withdraw
  • There will be three payment options. You can select DANA and click Confirm
  • Next, please follow the instructions
  • Usually the money doesn’t come right away or you can wait a few hours
  • Done

That’s the procedure we can convey to you. the above procedure also applies to OVO, Gopay, and DANA. Good luck, hopefully what you are doing you can run easily and not complicated.

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If that’s all we can present and share with you. With you reading reviews about How to Withdraw Money in Video Snack Via DANA, we believe that it will be very easy for you to withdraw your balance from this one money-making application. Bye and see you again.

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