How to win a special prize at LoL Wild Rift Open Beta

How to get special prizes at LoL Wild Rift Open Beta!

League of Legends: For spinners who wanted early access to the Wild Lift (LoL Wild Lift), if you’ve never had any luck, don’t worry anymore.

Starting October 27, 2022, LoL Wild Rift will be in the open beta stage and all Android and iOS users will be able to try MOBA games.

The open beta will be available to players in Japan, South Korea, and all ASEAN countries.

Michael Chow, the developer of LoL Wild Rift, uploaded a video to Youtube Wild Rift. Here you will find more information about developing the game and what’s new to the player.

If you don’t have a spinner yet, the LoL Wildlift Open Beta will feature seven new champions: Lee Singh, Evelyn, Kaisa, Akari, Serafin, Darius, and Draven.

But in addition to the new champions, players also have the opportunity to win special prizes in your LoL account!

If you are interested in purchasing, please click the image above!

How to win the LoL Wildlift Special Award

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For those who are interested in winning these prizes, the method is very easy! You must have a Riot account, which is linked to your LoL Wild Rift account.

Riot won’t tell you what prizes players will receive, but you can get new champions, cool champion skins, and even diamonds!

Lol Wild Rift Open Beta isn’t just about rewards. This is because Riot itself confirms that Open Beta will provide new content every day!

Here’s how to win the LoL Wildlift Open Beta Special Award:Don’t forget to visit SPIN website Follow your account for more information Instagram And Youtube we.

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