How to Watch International TV Streaming for Free

There are many ways to watch or watch international or overseas television programs online (Streaming), can be via Youtube or access the TV channel’s website directly, but sometimes it is quite difficult for us to switch channels from Channel A to Channel B, as their websites are of course different and not all TV channels offer it Live streaming via Youtube, because if it is not on Youtube you can be sure that it can only be on the official website.

International television is not just made up of paid channels, there are many free channels that we can access anytime, anywhere, but there is a special way to access them. BTS or tower Channels that are far from our location, so the only way to get internet access is by doing Streaming directly on the official website of the channel.

There are so many foreign channels that we can access for free and freely, but it is very difficult for us to find a place or a website to do it Streaming Here is a guide on how to watch international or overseas TV channels for free.


1. Visit the website in your browser.

Remarks: If the site cannot be opened, disable it first Ad blockers on your browser.

2. Then you are scroll down a little and select which country you want to search for the channel.

3. And you select the channel category you are looking for and then click the button Seek.

4. Then you click on the title of the channel you want to see and you will be automatically redirected to the page Current.

5. Wait for the data retrieval process and you can immediately see the TV channel you have chosen.

Remarks: If you have a problem like the one in the picture below then it is the TV station offline or no longer provide a service free streaming again, so you need to watch another channel.

This is the tutorial to watch Streaming International television for free. Much luck.

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