How to view the copyright status on Youtube

YouTube in Indonesia is growing very quickly. Lots of people do channel YouTube and follow in the footsteps of successful Youtubers. As a beginner Youtuber, there is a lot to learn so you don’t manage to get it wrong Channels. Copyright or as it is often called Copyright © is one of the problems that new YouTubers and professional YouTubers often face.

Copyright © / Copyright © become a terrifying ghost for every youtuber, because if we post the wrong videoCopyright © then most likely channel we can be hit Copyright strike. Copyright strike can lead to a monetization bug, and the most serious one is deletion channel Youtube.

In this article, the author explains how to view the copyright status of youtube videos.


1. Go to the Youtube page and click Sign up.

2. Enter the password and click Enter.

3. Then click on the symbol channel In the top right corner of the Youtube page and then click on YouTube Studio Beta.

4. You will then be redirected to the YouTube beta page channel She.

5. Click the video menu on the left of the YouTube beta page and a video and copyright status will be displayed. Copyright ©.

6. In the Visibility column in the picture above you will find 3 notification symbols, namely:

  • Green eyes
  • Yellow eyes
  • Red eyes

The color of the eye icon indicates the copyright status of the video we are posting on Youtube. GREEN EYES Indicates that the video status is free of copyrights, can be viewed and monetized by Youtube users. YELLOW eyes indicate that the video has infringed copyright, cannot be monetized, but can still be viewed on Youtube. RED Eyes advises that the video is against copyright, cannot be monetized and removed from Youtube, preventing viewers from finding and playing any copyrighted videos on Youtube.

This is a tutorial on how to view copyright status / Copyright © on Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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