How to view the Android screen on a PC or laptop

Perhaps most of you are bored and uncomfortable with the screen Smartphone who are small and want to try experimenting with moving the Android screen to a laptop, now you can. Just follow the steps below. This tutorial is for Android users, yes.


  • Mirror the OR transmitter and Mirror OP receiver.
  • Laptops or PCs.
  • Smartphone supports tethering.
  • Smartphone Android already in rooted.


1. To install use Mirror operating room transmitter.

2. Install the Mirror OP Receiver application on the laptop as well

3. Then switch on tie up in Smartphones.

4th associate– the wifi is on the laptop.

5. If so, open the application Mirror OP receiver on laptops.

6. Then open the application as well Mirror the OR transmitter on Android.

7. It will be later in the applicationscan the account that associatet to Hot spot We.

8. Well the name of the laptop will surely look like the picture below. then all you have to do is click.

9. If available SuperSU, You’re welcome Tap Grants.

10. Wait for the process. Next there are 4 buttons, please click the button play far left.

Congratulations, your Android screen is already on your laptop screen.


Every movement cursor on a laptop can affect the performance on your Android.


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