How to view song lyrics on YouTube Android

YouTube is currently a service Share video which is very popular with many. There are so many music videos to amateur videos that we can watch on YouTube. Well, talking about music videos doesn’t feel complete if we don’t know the lyrics of the music. For this reason, this time inwepo will publish an easy way to automatically activate texts on YouTube.

In this life we ​​often feel bored and bored. But usually most of us overcome this boredom by listening to songs and music. In fact, listening to songs can help control boredom and mood.

In modern times like today, it is easier for us to listen to music even with many applications Streaming Music that we often find on the Play Store and App Store. Well when it comes to talking Streaming The music that we probably use a lot is YouTube.

In fact, this video sharing site has become a reference for many people to listen to their favorite songs and video clips. However, sometimes it feels incomplete just listening to the song without knowing the lyrics of the song. So for those of you who want to automatically call up the lyrics of the songs you play on YouTube. Here is the full tutorial.

Video tutorials:


1. Make sure you download and downloadTo install first Musixmatch application.

2. Open the Musixmatch application and sign in with your social media account, either a Google account or a Facebook account. Next Tap Show on-screen menu.

3rd Tap Allow other apps to override and then give Musixmatch access permissions to access the music on the Smartphone with Tap Allow access.

4th Tap then ALLOW Tap past porch Tap again Gear icon or settings.

5. Tap Options menu FloatingLyrics and activate all the buttons in it. When you have YouTube open and looking for the song you want to play.

6. The text is automatically output by itself.

This is a tutorial on how to view lyrics on YouTube Android. Hope it’s useful.

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