How to view previously installed apps on iPhone

iPhone is Smartphone Manufactured by Apple and uses a special operating system, namely iOS. The first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs at MacWorld 2007 on May 9th, 2007 and presented on June 29th, 2007. The advantage of the iPhone is that it is based on a simple user interface, a screen Touch screen and a virtual keyboard.

You probably wanted to look for applications that you have installed on your iPhone, or you just want to know which applications have been installed on your iPhone. It turns out that even if you do, the iPhone will keep the entire history of all the applications installed on your iPhone restore The history on your iPhone will not be lost, all you need is the Apple ID you are using or the iPhone itself.

Because the iPhone saves the memory of the Apple ID and the iPhone itself and therefore certainly does not use any third-party applications or you do not have to install any applications in the App Store. The characteristic built-in or already on your iPhone by default. So you can immediately see the applications in use To install on the iPhone.

How to view apps that have been installed on iPhone

1. Go to the App Store – tap Profile in the top right corner – tap Bought.

2. A list of all the applications used appears To install on your iPhone.

Complete. This is a tutorial on viewing applications that have been used To install on the iPhone. Hope it’s useful.

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