How to view movie subtitles on Xiaomi phones without additional applications

Most young people today need to really enjoy one of the conversations that are mentioned Movie. In fact, this entertainment is endless, from year to year the film technology is evolving, so that a very entertaining spectacle can be presented to us because many effects are implanted in the film. Movie that. Especially the effect called effect CGI, with effect CGI Manufacturer Movie can indicate things that are beyond human logic.

We can enjoy and understand the action Movie if Movie the film is in Indonesian, and if the film is in a foreign language, for example like Box office America, whose films are of course in English, if we don’t speak English we won’t understand the plot, of course it’s not fun. On this occasion the author will give a tutorial on adding subtitle in Smartphone Xiaomi without additional applications. You can download it the subtitles first on Here are the steps.


1. First open the Mi Video app – select Movie which is played.

2. After you have played the movie, Tap underlined letter A symbol (here you can adjust the color and size Subtitle fonts which are displayed).

Tap Folder icon (you can search subtitle from on-line in the symbol next to it).

seek Film subtitles in stock.

3. When you have chosen Subtitles, tap Subtitles this and subtitle was also shown.

Remarks: if subtitle does not match or the appearance of the text does not match Movie, you can adjust it with Tap Letter A symbol – scroll down – set the time subtitle until it fits Movie.

Here is a guide on how to display it Film subtitles on Xiaomi phones without additional applications. Much luck.

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