How to view lyrics on Spotify (Android & iOS)

Spotify is an application Streaming music on-line best in Smartphone For Android and iOS, Spotify can make it easier for us to find and listen to all the famous songs we want.

But unfortunately at the moment Spotify doesn’t offer a feature to display lyrics for every song we want lyrical the song.

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To solve this problem, this tutorial will help you to view song lyrics on Spotify. Here is an easy way to view song lyrics on Spotify for Android and iOS iPhone / iPad users.

How to View Lyrics on Spotify (Android & iOS)

1. Install the Musicmatch app on Android and iOS, free download from the Play Store or AppStore

2. Run the Musicmatch application, select Skipto continue or Sign up via Facebook and Google.

3. Next Tap Activate now and then grant all Musicmatch access permissions for the screen Pop up and notifications.

5. Next, allow Musicmatch to access photos or storage media Smartphone If you want, you can read Musicmatch’s music gallery offline your music.

If you want to try viewing lyrics on Spotify, please close the Musicmatch application and run your Spotify application.

6. After you have run Spotify and then please select a song, the Musicmatch application will automatically output the lyrics Pop up on the screen Smartphone She.

Complete. Happy singing.

When you are done viewing the lyrics and playing the song, remove symbol Musicmatch on the screen, please force stop /Force stop or Tap was standing symbol Last MusicMath draw down the screen.

Additive: If you want to view Spotify lyrics on lock screen /Lock screen, you can use the Musixmatch Lyrics Lockscreen app (only available for Android users).


• Sometimes the lyrics of songs in Indonesian, what time do not match the sound.

• If you want to view Indonesian song lyrics in Indonesian, make sure the internet connection is stable and not slow because if it is not stable, lyrical will be late. The display of Indonesian song lyrics is also visible Translate English, suitable for those of you studying English.

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