How to view, find, and delete browsing history in Google Chrome

Forgot the name of a cool site you visited? Or do you need additional information that you have overlooked? You simply open the History menu in the browser. All the addresses of the websites you visit are recorded, and each address has one Hyperlink to the place. There are several ways to access it Browser history, here are the ways.

A. Press Ctrl + H on the keyboard.

B. Press the Backward (Ctrl +) and Forward (Ctrl + -) keys

C. Select the menu as shown in the picture in the upper right corner. Then choose History.

Then a screen like the following appears.

How to search the browsing history

1. On the History page, you can type the things you want to search for in the available search box. Then a line appears Products contains the keywords you entered.

How to clear the history

1. Highlight the items you want to delete, select Remove Selected Items, and then select Remove in the confirmation pop-up message that appears.

How to delete all items in browsing history

1. Select Clear All Browsing Data.

A message will be displayed Pop up as follows

2. There is a time option in the form of Drop-down list. This is the limit in which the elements are in story you want to delete. Choose as needed.

3. Then there are several categories that you can choose from including

  • Delete browsing history: delete entire browsing history
  • Clear download history: Clear the list story download only
  • Clear cache: clear Cache
  • Delete cookies and other website and plug-in data: Clear list Cookies and Plugins that exist in Browser
  • Delete saved passwords: Delete passwords that are saved in Browser
  • Delete saved autofill form data: deletes the automatic entry shape data

You can check upon need.

4. Finally, select Clear browsing data to delete.

After following the steps above, look for shortcut you want to revisit becomes easier, as well as deleting Products what is not needed.

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