How to view extension file types in Windows operating system

File extension is a file name suffix on a computer that always starts with a period (Point) for example: bild.png Where .png that is a renewal in the filename. Basically if you are a Windows operating system user Extensions / formats the file is not visible (hidden) for this we have to change the settings in Windows to make it visible. Here’s how:

The following tutorial is practiced with the Windows 7 operating system; it is not much different for Windows 8 and 10.

1. Open the Explorer program (Quick: press symbol Windows + E simultaneously on the keyboard).

2. Then select Menu Organize – folder and search options in bar your discoverer.

3. Then choose tab view and deactivate Hide extensions for known file types under advanced settings.

Use and okay.

4. Now check the files on your computer. The result is the file type of the extensions.

How to view extension file types in Windows OS. Very easy. Much luck.

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