How to view approved content in the Youtube Kids app

One of the cool features of Youtube Kids is the Approved Content Only feature that allows users (parents) to choose channel or whatever videos you want the kids to see.

By activating this function, the parents can freely determine the amount channel or videos that appear on the Youtube Kids homepage. With this only approved content feature, parents can set the Youtube Kids home page however they want, regardless of whether it shows one channel only or just a few videos as you wish.

Would you like to enable the “For Approved Content Only” feature? If you are interested, please see the tutorial below.


1. Open the Youtube Kids app.

2. Tap the lock icon, then select Settings.

3. Tap the child’s profile photo, then enter the password for the Gmail account you used to sign up for Youtube Kids.

4. Activate only approved content – manage it.

5. To approve the content, please tap the plus sign. Don’t forget to select a content category first before tapping the plus sign. After selecting the content category, please tap the middle to search channel or videos.

6. Only videos are selected in this tutorial, namely Bob Kereta Api by channel Children’s TV Indonesia.

7. Please go to the Youtube Kids homepage and the approved video was successfully displayed. And what you should know is that Youtube Kids has some already hosted when the “For Approved Content Only” feature is enabled channel for the kids to see on the porch. However, you can delete it by tapping the three vertical dots – Block channel This.

8. Done.

This is a guide on how to view approved content on the Youtube Kids app. Hope it’s useful.

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