How to view all embedded messages in Telegram chat

The pin function is one of the most commonly used functions in chat applications. Then what is the main function of the pin function? In simple terms, the pin function is used to display important contact numbers and important messages on the home page.

Pin function on WhatsApp and Telegram

In the WhatsApp chat application, the pin function can only be used for contact numbers. So, the pinned contact number, the chat will always be above other contact numbers, although there are new chats from other contact numbers.

In the Telegram application, this pin function is now called embedding. The pin function in Telegram can not only pin a telephone number, but also embed messages in the Telegram chat. As? Very interesting, isn’t it?

Show all pinned messages in Telegram chats

When you think there is an important message, you can use the embed feature. This function will later be displayed below the contact username and above the chat field. Tap the pin function to view important messages stored in Telegram chats. However, you can also see all of the messages embedded in Telegram chat at once, you know?

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1. To get the pinned / pinned feature, first make sure that you have updated the Telegram application on your device to the latest version. When you have opened the Telegram application and then select one of the chats in your Telegram application.

2. Before you see all the messages that are pinned / pinned in your Telegram chat, it would be nice if you also know how to pin messages in Telegram chats. First, enter the message in the text box and hit the send button. After sending, press once on the message, and then some message setting features will appear. Select functions Embed. Done, now your message has been pinned or pinned.

How to view all embedded messages in Telegram chat

3. All embedded messages are collected in the menu Embedded message which is located above the chat field. To view the embedded messages, just press one Times in the Embedded Messages menu. However, this method only displays the embedded messages individually.

4. To see all the pinned messages at once, tap and hold the menu Embedded message. Then the Embedded Messages page is displayed. pulling up the message page to view the entire page of the embedded message. Done, now you can see all your pinned or pinned messages on one page at once.

How to view all embedded messages in Telegram chat

5. However, to detach or pin all messages, just press the key Share all messages. Press the back icon to return to the chat page.

How to view all embedded messages in Telegram chat


As? It’s not easy to embed a message in a Telegram chat. With this embedding function in the Telegram chat it will be easier for you to look back on important chats. And of course, you don’t have to bother looking for a message in Telegram chat.

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