How to video call Instagram on Android

Some time ago Instagram announced that it would be releasing a feature Videos Call on the application. Well, it turns out we can enjoy this feature now. How one ? Check out the article below.

Instagram is one of the most popular applications in the world today. Where? There are already countless users Smartphone all over the world using this one social media application. From teenagers to adults, you can be sure of having an Instagram account.

Yes, although they are not privately managed. In addition, Instagram itself continues to improve performance and interesting features in use from time to time. This demonstrably makes users more active on Instagram. Well, according to the news that circulated some time ago, it was reported that Instagram would introduce two new features, namely: voice Call as well as Videos Call.

Of course, this feature will be very useful for the users in terms of communication. However, of the 2 features that are being introduced at this point, there is only one that we can enjoy first and that is the feature Videos Call.

That’s how it’s done Video call on Instagram:

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How to video call Instagram on Android

1. First, make sure the Instagram app is activated Smartphone Your Android is the latest version. If not, this feature may not be available. Next, open the Instagram application and log into the respective accounts.

2. Tap Direct message or the paper airplane-like icon in the upper right corner.

3. Choose a friend who you text often Direct message or you can also add another friend by tapping the icon plus.

4. The last step you live Tap symbol Video call which is located in the top right corner waiting for you to successfully connect with your friends.

This is the way Video call Instagram on Android. much luck

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