How to use the Write Bot in the Telegram app Inwepo

As a chat application, the Telegram application offers more advantages compared to other chat applications. This is inextricably linked to the role of the bots in the Telegram application. By using this bot, users can comfortably support daily activities.

Telegram bots

Put simply, a Telegram bot is a robot programmed with various commands to carry out a series of instructions from the user. Telegram bots do not need to be installed on a computer or smartphone, Telegram bots run automatically as long as your device has the Telegram application.

In the Telegram application, the Telegram bot is invisible so that it does not disturb the users of the Telegram application.

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To use this Telegram bot, users just need to find the bot they want in the search box and follow the bot’s instructions.

One of the Telegram bots that is currently attracting the attention of Telegram users is a bot for writing handwriting in books. As we know, students learn online at home during the current corona pandemic situation. This Telegram bot is designed to help Telegram users, especially college students, to write handwriting.


1. First, download and install the Telegram application from the Play Store. Register or log in with your phone number.

2. Click the search icon and type ‘Write bot“In the search field. Choose ‘Write lean‘.

How to use the Write-Bot in the Telegram app

3. Just click on the bot ‘Write lean‘and then click the button Beginning begin.

4. It doesn’t take long for the bot to reply immediately. The message contains several commands and explanations that use the write bot on Telegram.

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For example, the / magernulis1 command used to write 1 sheet of books or the / magernulis2 command used to write folio books.

How to use the Write-Bot in the Telegram app

5. Read all of the commands to find out which bot command you need. Finally, start typing the text that you want to appear in the book.

Using this bot command is very easy. Just long tap or click on one of the bot commands until the bot command appears in the text box. After that, enter the text you want to display. If you click on that iconsend‘.

How to use the Write-Bot in the Telegram app

6. Wait a while and your handwriting will be ready. Now all you have to do is click the share icon to share with teachers and friends.

How to use the Write-Bot in the Telegram app


So using a handwriting bot in the Telegram application can help users submit assignments without fear of illegible writing. The downside of this bot is that due to the auto-correct feature of the keyboard application, users need to pay more attention to the text they type in order to avoid typing errors.

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