How to use the Windows search function as in Mac OS

The search function in Windows makes it easier for users to find files and access settings than Windows. Yes, if we think about it, this feature is similar to the Windows Explorer menu. The menu also makes it easy for users to find their files. Search in Windows continues to develop rapidly compared to the previous version. Now in Windows 10 we can also search for specific online documents or websites in them.

The search function can also be activated on Windows 10 versions from build 18362 up to now Mac OS. If we know it by the name Spotlight on Mac OS, then the name used is for Windows immersive search. Headlights places the search right in the center of the system screen. We can get this functionality by adding components to the Windows registry. However, adding a new key to the Windows registry can break the system.

This method is appropriate for us because it is very risky. Microsoft itself has provided an official application that makes it easy for Windows users to get search capabilities like Mac OS. The application is called Microsoft PowerToys.

Microsoft PowerToys

PowerToys is a tool for Windows users to change Windows components like keyboard, file explorer, pictures and fancy zones according to their needs. Changes made to this Windows component by Windows users add to their cool experience using the system. By explaining the Microsoft account of this project in GitHub, PowerToys,recommended for those who have windows by type or architecture x64 / 64-bit.

The build version of Windows that can do this is the Windows version with build 18632 and above. How to show the build version of the. at Windows 10, yours, use command commands msinfo32 or dxdiag.


1. The first step we need to do is switch addresses

In this section, press Menu Install PowerToys.

2. The PowerToys installation page will open and immediately press Menu Install PowerToys.

3. Next we will be redirected to the project repository page PowerToys on GitHub Microsoft. Here you might be wondering why should we go straight to the GitHub page? On the previous 2 pages you will find important information about the minimum specifications for PowerToys and how the functions they contain contribute to our good experience of using Windows. Select part with extension.exe in the property of the project.

4. Wait a few moments for the application to download completely successfully. Make sure your internet connection is good.

5. Then install the application as usual, as with Windows applications in general. No internet connection is required during installation.

6. If you haven’t .NET Core, then you need to download and install it first. Here the author has not.NET Core and a notification will be displayed as follows. .Net Core, such as bundle libraries that enable Windows systems and other systems to be deployed.

7. Immediately go to Download Run Desktop Apps as we want to run PowerToys on Desktops.

8. Next, install the application.

9. When you are finished, access the PowerToys settings from the Windows system tray using the upper arrow icon. Right click and then select Settings. The symbol has the form Old television.

10. This is what the menu looks like PowerToys settings. We can wake up, choose color, power rename, etc.

11. In addition to the spotlight style Mac OS, Another no less interesting feature is the color picker. This function can search for color combinations of objects in the system and output the color code used in the form RGB, HEX, or HSL. It is suitable for those of you who are in the world of graphics or web design. To access it, just use the Win + Shift + C keyboard shortcut

12. Well, for Spotlight we just use the Alt + Space key combination.

13. To add a Mac OS impression, you can first hide the Windows search function. Right click, then search hidden.

14. This is what the search results will look like with the word after all Inwepo, under “Spotlight Window”.


use Microsoft PowerToys, is an official application from Microsoft that Windows users can use to enhance their good experience of using the system. The features it contains allow us to do immersive searches such as: Mac OS, and also makes it easier to find the color code of certain objects in the system. Hope it’s useful.

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