How to use the Unique Alarm App on Android

device Smartphone at this point is a point that is very important to the wider community. Where is the current usage? Smartphone used almost in daily life in various aspects of activities. Importance of use Smartphone for people’s lives thanks to the functions of Smartphone that can help make human activities easier.

In addition, in-app functions Smartphone can also be a replacement for an existing physical device. Some examples such as the camera function can replace camera elements, the computer application can replace the function of the computer element and the alarm application on the camera Smartphone can replace an alarm clock.

Speaking of alarms that are in the Smartphone This is very important for waking us up while we sleep. But sometimes in some cases we still can’t wake up because the alarm clock is on Smartphone very easy to disable. This causes us to wake up too late.

But apparently there is an interesting alarm application on the Play Store. This application is called Shake-it-alarm. This application allows us as users to have a unique alarm feature that needs to be disabled in a unique way, e.g. B. Shaking, touching and shouting to deactivate the alarm. It is for this reason that the author will take this opportunity to provide a tutorial on how to use a unique alarm application on Android. The steps can be seen as follows:


1. First download the Shake-it Alarm app to your device from the Play Store. When the installation process is complete, click Open. Then select the plus sign logo from the application’s start menu to add alarm settings.

Download Shake-it alarm app

2. You get to the settings menu. First define the title of the created alarm. Second, you set the time that the alarm will sound. Third, you also set the alarm deactivation mode. There are several options in this deactivation mode, such as: trembling, screaming, touching coincidentally of the three.

3. In the next step, determine the degree of difficulty of the deactivation. Then also determine the repetition of the activation of the alarm. Apart from that, you can also make other adjustments like volume and wake-up music. When you click to save.

4. As for the result, when the alarm sounds, there will be a notification as shown in the picture. (Because the author uses the mode in the alarm setting shake. So when the alarm clock goes off, the author has to shake it Smartphone to stop the alarm).

Hence a tutorial on how to use a unique alarm application on an Android device. With this application we hope that it can help us regulate our sleep rhythm and wake up better. Hope it’s useful.

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