How to use the translation function of LINE

On version Cell phone, mobile phone (Android and iOS), MANAGEMENT Providing language translation services through the account officially which was provided directly by LINE. In general, translations from related languages ​​are changed to English by default. With this service, LINE has started implementing the concept of the latest translation feature that eliminates the need for users to translate via email officially them, but directly through the media of conversation between users and accounts officially Miscellaneous.

In this article we will use the features Translate in the LINE application.

Remarks: For now, functions Translate can only be used on PC or desktop versions of LINE. Please download the LINE desktop application from the link provided.

Download LINE desktop


1. Open the LINE application, then switch to one of the available conversations in the column Chat She.

2. Select one of the conversations you want to translate, then right-click mouse to view advanced options. Choose an option Translate.

3. Define the sentence to be translated. If so, click the button Translate which is to the right of the application.

4. After the translation results are displayed, we can copy the translation results. Or we can also send it directly by option Forward next to options available Copy.

This is a tutorial on how to use the feature Translate on LINE. Hope it’s useful.

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