How to use the sticker function on WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp is a messaging application for Smartphone with basic similar to BlackBerry Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages with no SMS charges as WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan for email, web browsing and others. The WhatsApp Messenger application uses a 3G, 4G or WiFi internet connection for data communication. Using WhatsApp we can chat online, share files, exchange photos and much more.

WhatsApp has finally introduced a new feature for its users, which is stickers. After passing the test phase, the sticker function has now been released in the WhatsApp application on several devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. This sticker function is similar to the sticker in the line messaging application. The stickers are animated characters that show certain expressions such as emojis, such as laughing, angry, sad and falling in love.

Using these stickers is the same as using emojis and GIFs. Users can press the emoji face icon next to where they want a message to be written and they will see three options at the very bottom, which is Emoji, GIF, and Stickers. For more details, the author explains how to use the sticker function on WhatsApp iPhone, see the following tutorial.


1. Open the WhatsApp app – tap the round icon to reveal stickers.

2. Select the sticker that you want to send.

This is a tutorial on how to use the sticker function on WhatsApp iPhone. Much luck.

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