How to use the secret chat in the BIP application

New user in the BiP app? Well, inwepo will be a bit share a trick how to send secret chat in the BiP application.

Indeed, privacy is very important to some people. Well, WhatsApp’s current privacy policy has panicked many users a little. Hence, quite a few choose to leave the application, which is still under the same roof with Facebook. Of the many possible uses delivery boy Instead of WhatsApp, many internet users have fallen in love with the BIP application.

Benefits of using GDP

This BIP is a messaging application that does not differ significantly from the WhatsApp application known to us so far. Somewhat different is that this application has images in HD ( High Resolution ) and also videos with a relatively long duration from the WhatsApp application. In addition, this BIP application uses the latest technology, viz High-tech so that it can display quality Video call and also Voice call clear and smooth.

This GDP is an application that originated in Turkey. Precisely developed by developer Turkcell circa 2022. Party developer claims that the application has been used in more than 192 countries and most of them are from countries on the European continent. Until the new WhatsApp policy, the BIP application received an increase in downloads every day. Currently, BIP has more than 10 million monthly active users.

Secret Chat BIP

So secret chat The property of BIP is very similar to a timed message. So here we can choose the time or duration of Chat that we will send. later Chat it disappears by itself when the duration has expired.

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1. Register and log into your respective BIP account. Then open a chat with a friend Tap symbol 3 dots to call up another menu.

How to use the secret chat in the BIP application

2. Tap menu Secret message, later it will be Pop up message to select the chat duration. From 5 seconds to 1 minute or 60 seconds.

How to use the secret chat in the BIP application

3. If it is active in the chat column, it will be written secret message. According to this view Chat that you sent is accompanied by Countdown timer.

How to use the secret chat in the BIP application

4. Group sending is the same way, it’s just easier, you stay Tap the icon O’clock in the section bar At. Then choose the duration as above.

How to use the secret chat in the BIP application

5. Not much different from private group chats are also listed Countdown timer and notifications secret message in the column view Chat. You can also access the menu secret chat in the group info area.

How to use the secret chat in the BIP application


For beginners who want to try the BIP application as an alternative to WhatsApp. You can try the function right away secret chat thus the privacy of Chat what you send is also fully protected and confidential.

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