How to use the reading function in Microsoft Word

The number of words in the Microsoft Word worksheet is a separate reason for you to read it because you are lazy or you don’t want to read it but without realizing that Microsoft itself has provided a feature on this feature is perfect for those of you who are very lazy while reading a text in this Microsoft Word application.

This feature works by reading every word you block on your worksheet or reading all words from beginning to end if you don’t block it. You can use this function if you need to be connected to the Internet. If you think this feature uses the language of the Google Translate or Google Assistant application, you are wrong, the narrator or text reader used in this Microsoft Office application is using an official narrator from Microsoft itself.

But unfortunately, this feature can only be used on documents or worksheets that use English, and if you still insist on using Indonesian text, the results will get very cluttered as the computer will read your Indonesian text with English access if you’re curious are how to use it, here is the tutorial.


1. You open your Microsoft Word application.

2. Then type in a worksheet or example sentence in English for the computer to read.

3. If so, block the text you want to read or direct cursorit to the beginning of the text of the document if you want it all to be read aloud.

4. Then you click on Tab menu review and click the button Read out that uses a capital A symbol.

5. Then an icon will appear Play button located on the right side of the application screen, click the button game to start your computer reading the contents of the document.

6. Done.

Note: As explained above, this feature works best when the content of your document is in English.

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