How to Use the More Popular Chat Application Michat

How to Use Michat – Chat applications are now a prima donna for smartphone users, because this year there are many chat applications that we can use to communicate, one of which is Michat.

Maybe, if you are an Android smartphone user, you must already know about Michat. In addition to being able to chat, it turns out that in this Michat application there are many features in it. So it is very easy for those who use it.

So, to make it clearer at this meeting, I want to share how to use the Michat application along with an explanation. For more detailed information, my friend, just look at the following:

What is Michat

Well, before we get into how to use Michat, now you have to know the details of this application. So michat is an instant chat application where users can find new friends around the location or outside the location where you live. In my opinion, this application is almost the same as Whatsapp, which has many features related to online communication.

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Features In Michat

michat app features

As I have explained, this Michat application has many features that can be used to find new friends. Therefore, many young people use it. The following features of the Michat application:

From the name alone, Michat is an instant chat application, where all of you can send a message that is hung on a tree. So if someone takes the message, you can add a friend and confirm it.

Of course, this feature makes it easier for users to find new friends around your location. For how to use this feature, it’s quite simple, because you only need to enter and fill in all the forms provided, then the green button. Its function is to detect or scan people who are in nearby locations.

The last one is the trending chat feature, where you can register and enter the chat room. Then you can also chat and add friends who are in the feature. Therefore, I personally think that this feature is very helpful for friends who are friends or partners on the Michat application.

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How To Use Michat For Beginners

Actually, using the Michat application is quite easy, because this application is almost the same as the WhatsApp application. Well, maybe if you want to know how to use the michat application, then you just follow the tutorial below.

First, what you have to do is create a michat account first because this is one of the most important things when you want to use michat to find new friends or partners. Here’s how:

how to create a michat account

    1. The first step, my friend, download the Michat application first on Google Playstore and then install it
    2. Next, my friend can enter the michat application that was downloaded earlier
    3. Then please register by filling out the available form such as: Phone number and press continue
    4. If you have, you just have to wait for the incoming SMS containing the verification code
    5. After that, you can fill in the name column (use your own name or another name)
    6. Then, please select the profile photo that you want to use
    7. Finished
  • How to Get Chat Friends on the Michat Application

Well, if you have successfully registered on Michat, the next thing is that you are looking for a chat friend. To be able to get chat friends, you can take advantage of the surrounding user features, the method is:

    • First, of course, you have to go to Michat and select the nearby user feature, because in that feature you will find friends around your neighborhood.
    • If you have, it will automatically appear some friend recommendations that are in the feature. Please select and add friends to be able to chat
    • It’s not just a feature of nearby users, but you have to take advantage of the message in a bottle feature, because this feature really helps you to make new friends. Well, if the message that you threw in the bottle was the one who took it, then you can chat with that person
    • The last one is entering the tranding chat feature, not much different from the two features above, it turns out that trading chat is also one of the factors that can get or add new friends. Because when you get a contact from that feature, you can save it and then you can chat

Well, that’s how to use the michat application that you can practice. However, in this michat application it has its own shortcomings. To see the shortcomings, my friend, just look below.

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Disadvantages of the Michat App

Although this michat is already supported with the best features in it, this application has its own shortcomings, such as: the absence of a facial sensor feature, because this greatly affects the occurrence of fraud or crime in michat.

The final word

That’s the latest review that I have shared with all of my friends regarding How to Use Michat Chat Applications That Are More Popular, I hope this review can be useful for Michat users and if there are suggestions or questions that you want to convey, just comment below.

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