How to use the joystick in Pokemon GO without root

You want j. useoystick in Pokemon GO? too lazy to go out hunt Pokémon? but you know that joystick does it have to require root? There is a way to use it joystick without root access, see the following tutorial:

Condition :

1. Operating system is already on Android 6 / Marshmallow.


1. Download Fly GPS application.

2. To install Fly GPS application.

3rd Unlock developer options, For those who have never activated the function Developer options The method:

  • Added settings and choose Via phone.
  • Touch menu Build number 7 times until you see a message You are a developer now.
  • When a message appears you are a developer now back to settings there is a menu later Developer options.

4. Open the menu Developer options then select in the settings Allow mock location, look for the menu now “Select mock applications” Then select Fly GPS (in some cases after Unlock developer options no menu Allow mock location. If so, just keep going Choose a mock application).

5. Now open Fly GPS then Determine the location as you want (don’t change it often Location avoid Soft tires), Select GPS services are running, then Joystick position mode (Pokemon GO).


6. Run the Pokemon GO application (don’t move too fast so you don’t get hit soft tires)

The following is Screenshot Original by Games and proven and can be used.


Remarks :

  • If your account is locked / Softban, responsibility is outside the responsibility of the author.
  • Do not change locations in a short period of time.
  • Don’t move too fast.

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