How To Use The Jedag Effect In Instagram Stories

Do you like to story Instagram? Have you tried the pause effect? If you haven’t tried it before, the tutorial can be found below.

Instagram stories

Of course, when it comes to Instagram, we all know what functions are story. Yes, functions story This is a function to share moments, be it in the form of photo or video content, which will be deleted or disappear on its own if it happened within 24 hours.

Well inside story there is usually a function called filter. filter This has a function to beautify the look and feel of the content we upload. The many filters that are out there let users explore a lot and do new things in the story She.

Currently hip, trendy, popular what does effect mean filter Pause, I wonder what it is filter Anyway, pause and how to use it, check out the following review.

Jedug filter

From the name, many of you may have guessed filter this one isn’t much different than filter Other Instagram pages. only at filter that has additional music like disco or to dance so there is a break. The filter also contains other effects, such as: Zooming and also sparkle.

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A similar effect had previously gone viral on the TikTok application until it penetrated the Instagram social media network. In addition to TikTok and Instagram, we can actually create pause effects using applications like CapCut, Kinemaster, Alight Motion, VN and other applications. editor Miscellaneous. But for those of you who don’t want to get complicated with the editor application, you can use filters right on Instagram.


1. Then open the Instagram app Tap in your Stories area or create story as usual. When you have selected an effect or filter then choose Browse effects.

How to Use the Jedug-Jedug Effect in Instagram Stories

2. Tap the icon search and then type in “sleeping jedug” and later you will see several types of pause filters for you to try.

How to Use the Jedug-Jedug Effect in Instagram Stories

3. Tap one of filter next Tap Menu Try to try the effect and then save the filter Tap the download icon on the right. If it’s already saved, you can create it right away story as usual.

How to Use the Jedug-Jedug Effect in Instagram Stories


There are a lot of pause filter effects on Instagram. You can try one by one and combine one effect with another effect with different music. Good luck and explore!

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