How to use the Google Allo Chat application

Google Allo was first introduced at the Google I / O event in May 2022 and is now officially on Load game. This application is similar to WhatsApp in that it is based on a phone number and only for Smartphone. This application can also be used by Android and iOS users.

Allo provided by Google assistant which allows users to use voice commands to reply to chats, view messages and even read poems for users.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this application is also equipped with features that allow it to learn chat habits or words that are normally entered by users.

Interestingly, Allo can also recognize the writing on the captured image or photo-to edit, Then automatically reply to comments on the picture,

Here the author explains how to use Google Allo:

1. First, download the Google Allo application from the Play Store.

2. Open the Google Allo application and enter your mobile phone number.

3. Enter the code to confirm after entering the mobile number.

4. Select a profile photo and username to use Google Allo.

4. Finally, you can send messages to your friends.

Only information in the opinion of the author that if the friend you sent was not sentTo install With the Allo application, the messages you sent will still be received, especially by other Android users. In addition, Google Allo also offers functions forUpdate the latest news just open this chat application.

In order toUpdate the messages that you can use from the Google Assistant. Previously, you had to set this function to be able to update the messages. Just type in the word “OK go ahead” then the Allo application can automatically continue to work to find what it is looking for.

You can also just use the phrase “Help me with …” so that Search engine Google will do the search you want. So, how? Is not useful when you use the application Chat This? Good luck yeah

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