How to Use the Comment Pin Function on Instagram Android

Instagram is a social medium created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram itself was taken over by Facebook in 2012. After the takeover by Facebook, social media with the camera symbol has meanwhile developed into one of the most important social media that is accessed by almost the whole world.

Currently, Instagram is no longer co-co-co-led by Kevin Systrom after he decided to leave the company. Today Instagram is headed by Adam Mosseri. And, under the leadership of Mosseri, Instagram is pretty active showcasing various new features. Even during the pandemic, they are busy updating the functions on their platform.

Instagram comment pin

And one of the new features currently available on Instagram is the comment pin feature. This comment pin function was introduced by the company worldwide after it had previously gone through a test phase for several months. Of course, for those of you who access Instagram on a daily basis, this one feature should be checked out. Here is the tutorial.


1. Please open the Instagram app Smartphone She.

2. Look for one of your posts that has a lot of comments that you want to enable pin functionality.

3. If so, press and hold the comment that you want to pin the pin feature to.

4. Select the pin symbol to activate the pin function.

5. Done.

With this pin function you can pin good and bad comments from internet users. This function itself is very well suited to be applied to Internet users who often make rude comments, and bullying so they can be deterred and examine themselves.

As is known, the widespread use of social media has made it easy for some people to make rude comments and the like without thinking about the consequences of those comments.

This pin function can not only deter offenders from making rude comments, it can also be used to pin good comments from netizens. Since bad comments have to be suppressed, good comments also have to be cultivated so that many people become infected with this positive energy.

And what you should know is that this comment pin feature can only pin three selected comments. So, you really need to choose comments that you think deserve to be pinned, be they good comments or bad comments.

This is a tutorial on how to use the Comment Pin feature on Instagram Android. Hope it’s useful.

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