How to use the clipboard function on the Google keyboard

Clipboard of course already known to mobile and desktop users. With Clipboard, the user can view the history of copies made on the user’s device. Often on mobile devices, Clipboard can only be used on certain types of mobile phones or through third-party applications that support those mobile devices. This month is Google Keyboard (is an application keyboard third party provider developed by Google) Clipboard for its users, where we can save the history of copying messages / texts / links in the last hour, as long as the corresponding application is still active.

In this article we will try to use the features Clipboard in the Google Keyboard app.

Remarks: Before you follow Tutorials In the article, make sure the Google Keyboard app is the latest version (Version and higher).


1. Press the Google logo located at the top of the Google Keyboard app page. Later we will get various functions and settings related to the application we are using.

2. On the extended page of the application, Press the three-point logo which can be found at the end of the functions and settings in the application. Later we will get advanced features listed in the appropriate application.

3. To the extended functions of the app, Select clipboard option (/ Clipboard). We will be instructed on how to use the functions later Clipboard to related applications.

4. Right now Clipboard just running for the first time, later we will receive a confirmation form with the use of the application Clipboard. Select the Enable clipboard option to continue using the function Clipboard to related applications.

Remarks: After confirming the activation of the function Clipboardto use functions Clipboard in addition, we no longer have to confirm the use.

5. To ensure that the functions Clipboard is active, copy text / sentences as a form of experiment.

6. Later the copy action carried out by us will be registered on the Clipboard which we activated previously. The copied text is displayed in the newest column.

7. To use the text registered on the Clipboard, just press the text you want on the google keyboard. Later the desired text will be displayed on the platform what is targeted. We can delete or pin text Clipboard what we want as needed.

This is a tutorial on how to use the feature Clipboard on the google keyboard. Hope it’s useful.

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