How to use the automatic reply function on LINE @

service Instant messaging from Japan that is MANAGEMENT now brings new features especially for those of you looking to start a business online shop. A new application specially designed for business people’s marketing strategy.

advantages of [email protected] itself is a service in the form of Broadcast messagesso that you can automatically send bulk messages to all of your contacts in MANAGEMENT – a list of the contacts you have in your account MANAGEMENT is automatically integrated into [email protected].

For business people this is of course very helpful when running campaigns marketing its products. Here the author describes the steps to use the automatic message reply feature or Automatic answer At [email protected].

1. Open the app [email protected] then go to the menu Answer mode.

2. Make sure the menu 1 versus 1 Chat mode They have AT or green. This means that you can reply to individual chats on [email protected] You. And when active, all functions Automatic answer dead and not working.

3. Turn on the button AT on the menu Receive messages in automatic reply mode. If in (1-on-1 chat OFF), then you can still accept or reject the message.

4. Available times for 1-on-1 chat works for you to set up whenever you can chat 1-on-1. For example, Monday to Saturday is set to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and only to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Sunday. The rest answered with Automatic answer.

5. Now go to the menu Automatic reply message. At this point it is emphasized to organize the list of answer sentences individually arbitrarily. For example, you write like this:

There will be a time setting for when this message will appear. Example: Message A only appears at 9-12 in the morning. Message B appears at 16-24 hours. Message C appears at 1 pm-3pm. But if the time is not set, the message that later appears on the other person will be one of the three.

6. Keyword reply message it means Automatic answer this appears based on keywords typed by the interlocutor. So more specific than the previous point. Example as follows:

7. Finally there is a menu Greeting message. the message that appears when someone first adds an account [email protected] weather. You can write this welcome message up to 3 times Chat. You can write greetings, promotions, and other things about the business online shop You. Example:

Well, that’s how it was to be used Automatic answer At [email protected]. Congratulations on opening your business online shop You, good luck! Amen…

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