How to use the Amida lottery feature on LINE

As social media that focuses on functionality Chat and user activity, LINE is one of the most popular applications available on various platforms platform (from Android, iOS, up to desktop / PC). In the sector Chat separately users can have private conversations with other users, Multichatas well as in the form of groups. The other supporting functions that the components in. accompany Chathow z is called as Amid lottery).

As a form of implementing one of the supporting features in related social media, in this article we will try to use the Amid Lottery feature on the LINE platform.


1. On the LINE home page, enter the group in which the Amide Lottery will be created. Then on the group side click logo plus (+) which is located next to the camera option that will later receive the advanced options available to the corresponding group.

In the advanced group options, Select the Amida lottery option which is represented by a blue and white ladder logo. Later we will be referred to the arrangement of the amide lottery in the group.

2. On the Amide Lottery page, select the participant who will take part in the lottery by checking the participant’s account. Please note that each lottery creation can contain a maximum of 30 user accounts.

3. If the number of participants corresponds to the desired, Click the Next button to proceed with the award of the lottery results.

4. On the lottery results page, enter the available rates / options according to the desired result. Participants who do not receive the lottery results according to the options offered will be marked with an X logo.

5. When any number of result options have been added, click the start button to make a lottery designed by us.

Remarks: Once started, the Amide Lottery will be generated automatically, with the winning results being awarded at random.

6. After pressing the start option, the results of the Amide lottery will be displayed immediately, together with the players and the lottery results received later.

7. To view the lottery results of each individual participant, simply press on the avatar / photo of the desired participant. The participant’s lottery results are represented by a colored line leading to the results they will receive.

We can also view the lottery results of all participants by clicking the View All Results button at the bottom of the application page.

8. After the Amid Lottery has been successfully transmitted, quick information about the Amid Lottery is immediately in the form of. displayed map in the conversation column.

This is a tutorial on how to use LINE’s Amid Lottery feature. Hope it’s useful.

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