How to use Telegram’s video messaging feature

Telegram is constantly innovating by adding new features to its application. One of them and the newest is Video messaging. Let’s find out what it is Video messaging and how to use it in the following article.

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We can find a wide variety of applications in the Google Play Store today. Use to meet different needs developer develop many applications around the world that we can use on a daily basis. away Games, News, editing, to communication tools.

Today, when we talk about communication tools or applications for communication, we can more easily call them by the name of the application Chat because it already fulfills the functions of making calls and sending messages.

Chat apps

use Chat there are several themselves, and all of them claim that their application is superior. In fact, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But as always, those who are always innovative will continue to excel like the Telegram application. Recently it also introduced a new feature to keep users from getting bored, namely Video messaging.

What are Telegram Video Messages?

It must be very easy to guess from the name, right? Video messaging what does video messages mean. Yes, this function is like a function voice Note which sends short messages in the form of voice, the only difference is that they are now changed in the form of Videos. Of course it would be a lot of fun, wouldn’t it? Chat not just send regular messages, but be able to send them Videos same short.


1. Open your Telegram application, make sure you have the latest or most up-to-date Telegram applicationUpdate. Select a chat and open it Chat with a friend, then tap the microphone icon to send a voice memo once and switch to video message mode. Tap and hold Camera icon or Video messaging send Videos. As well as Voice memo you can alsolock Video recording with Foils Video menu recording To the top.

How to use Telegram's video messaging feature

2. You can speed up the video movement by pressing Tap twice on the symbol that’s in the top menu. Tap right to accelerate the video to the next minute or Tap left to rewind to the previous minute. There are functions pop highso that you can continue to watch videos even after returning to the Telegram home screen.

How to use Telegram's video messaging feature


How easy is it not to use it? Video messaging-his? If you usually enjoy it Voice memo now you can try to replace it with Video messaging. Much luck!

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