How to Use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp

It’s no longer new if WhatsApp has a sticker function. But what if the Telegram stickers are used? Below we are going to review how to use Telegram stickers in WhatsApp application.

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp and Telegram? Almost all smartphone users need to be familiar with both. Yes, both are apps Chat the same boom and widely used. Although Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp, there are still many users who choose to use the application Chat This one here.

Both apps Chat In this case, Telegram and WhatsApp also have their own features and benefits. Even so, there are similarities between the two, namely the sticker function. Although the sticker function on WhatsApp is a bit late, we are allowed to create our own stickers in the WhatsApp application, as is the case with Telegram.

Telegram, which, by the way, initially has a sticker function. Do it with lots of interesting stickers. For this reason, inwepo is taking this opportunity to share how to use Telegram stickers for the WhatsApp application. Well, instead of being curious, just take a look Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials


Before you go on to the steps, it’s a good idea that you dodownload first application


Personal stickers for WhatsApp.

1. In the first step, open the telegram application and then Tap 3 lines in the top left corner then Tap Settings.

2. Second step, Tap menu Chat settings then Tap Stickers and masks.

3. Third step, Tap 3 points in the next selected sticker area Tap Copy links.

4. On the fourth step, go to the search menu and look for the @Stikerdownloadbot account if you have it Tap Begin.

5. Step five, Tap / next menu Tap Settings.

6. Sixth step, Tap Webp then paste in the sticker link we have Copy before.

7. Step seven, wait a while for the process Downloading Zipper sticker. If you tap on 3 dots and select Save to downloads.

8. In the eighth step, open the Zarchiver application and then unzip the sticker ZIP file. Next, open the WhatsApp personal sticker, the file will be available automatically, then stay Tap Add menu.

This is a tutorial on how to use Telegram stickers on WhatsApp Android. Hope it’s useful.

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