How to use Telegram as an online translator

Telegram is indeed an application that rivals WhatsApp’s popularity. But not just as a medium for exchanging messages or ChatWe can also use Telegram to downloadTranslate Language. Don’t believe Here is the review.

Now there are many applications Smartphone what is useful for communication. One of them is the application Chat or delivery boy. Use delivery boy In the age of digitization, it’s commonplace. Especially for generations Millennium. What is widely used is the WhatsApp application.

But other than that, there are many similar applications that we can use. For example Telegram, both based on messaging applications immediate but Telegram has other advantages compared to WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, there are still many who are unaware of these benefits. Well one of them is that we can use Telegram as a tool Translate Language. So not just for communication, Telegram can also help us translate a language. How one? Let’s see, Tutorials below completely.

Video tutorials:


1. Make sure you have downloaded the Telegram application. In this tutorial, Inwepo uses the mod version of Telegram, namely Vidogram.

2. Open the Vidogram application and select the language you want to use. Next Tap menu START MESSAGES Then enter the phone number to log into the Telegram account.

3. Tap and then enter @Ytranslatebot in the search field.

4. Jump Tap Start using the translator. To call up another menu Tap on the slash symbol.

5. Tap menu / help to change the target language of the translation.

6th Tap slash again and select / mylang then select / setmylang to change the language Originally that we use.

This is the tutorial on using Telegram as a translator on-line. Hope it’s useful.

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