How to use SoundMoji in Android Messenger

Send message Emoticon may feel normal to friends, but what if Emoticon who you can send speak? It will definitely be fun! Well, inwepo will give tips on sending below Soundmoji in Facebook Messenger.

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Technological advancement in this modern era has led us into a new era. It’s so common Smartphone make communication between users more fun and of course easier. There are currently many tools or applications on the Internet Smartphone with whom we can communicate. Even today, many social media have multiple functions, they can be used as media or communicate between users.

delivery boy

Like Facebook, which in fact also social media applications have communication tools in order to Chat or send messages or make calls. Yes, although there are many other chat applications out there, but loyal users delivery boy still there. That happened because maybe delivery boy and Facebook are connected.

Talk about delivery boyShe recently heard the news that the party developer started a new cool feature. Interestingly, this function does not seem to be owned by the application Chat somewhere. What is its function?


The new features are SoundMoji. From the name it looks like a combination of two sentences between sound and Emoticon. Well indeed SoundMoji This is Emoticon what can sound. Different to Emoticon that we know together today in the app Chat everywhere can only send Emoticon normal picture. But not with Facebook Messenger. they do Emoticon Make it more fun by adding a sound to each one Emoticon what is in the application.

SoundMoji This is very interesting indeed because it makes funny noises, there are different noises we can hear like barbecuing, farting noises, kissing, drumming, laughing and many others.


1. Open your Facebook Messenger application, then open the chat Chat with a friend. Tap the smiley face icon that is then in the comment column Tap again Speaker icon.

How to use SoundMoji in Android Messenger

2. There are many options Soundmoji that you can send, please select one. Tap SEND send Soundmoji. To listen to the voice of Tap Emoji directly on Emoticonhis.

How to use SoundMoji in Android Messenger


As? It’s easy! For those of you who are curious Messenger users, you can try the above method right away. Specialty exclusive The above can also be felt by all users as long as they are usingUpdate Messenger app to the latest version.

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