How to Use Proxy on Pokemon Go Bot (Multiple Accounts)

After a few days, Niantic Pokemon Go updated its security and impact on forbidden Account because 2 bots are using the same IP address on one computer at the same time, usually if your account is affected permanently banned Its properties are when Sign up you will see the text “Game data could not be obtained from the Pokemon Go server” and will put in Loading that whereas if you try delete data or Sign up Using another account turns out to be possible, it means your account is positive permanently banned. For when you don’t want to be hit permanently banned required not to use 2 bots for 2 accounts at the same time with the same IP address.

Then how can one solve it so that we can run 2 or more bots in one computer? The option is to use a proxy by changing the IP address on each bot application that is running. This time the author wants to share how to use a proxy in a bot application so that you can do it several Bots, in fact, it could be directly through the bot application that is support by entering the proxy address directly in configuration File but nothing works when i try. If you follow this method, the proxy you are using will be used successfully for several bot with any bot application that is still usable, do the following:

Info: This tutorial has been published since 2022 and so far there is no latest update. Please check out the latest tutorial in the Pokemon GO category

A. How to set up a proxy server

1. Download and To install Proxy (for Windows operating system users).

2. Run Proxifier, select menu tab Profile – proxy server.

How To Use Proxy In Pokemon Go Bot (Multiple Accounts)

3. Then select the button Add to.

How to use proxy on Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 2

4. Enter the proxy address, the IP in the address field and the port in the port field, select HTTPS and OK.

How to use proxy in Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 3

B. How to find and get a free proxy

5. To get a proxy IP address, you can get it from a free or paid proxy provider site. Example here the author uses a free proxy on

Select the country you want to use, here the author tries to use a proxy for Indonesia.

free proxy Pokémon go

6. When you have selected a country, you will receive perform Proxy in the form of IP address and port information as shown below. Copy all IPs and ports to check if the proxy can be used or not.

Free proxy Pokemon Go Indonesia

7. Open the proxy checker site, then Copy all IPs and ports then simply go to the proxy checker column check Deputy.

pokemon go bot proxy checker

Wait for the results to look like the picture below. You can use a proxy that says “Functions”, and we recommend which ones to use Anonymity “high (elite)” and there are HTTPs.

Pokemon Gobot 2 proxy checker

8. If you have a proxy that can be used, go back to step # 3 to add the IP and port.

How to use proxy in Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 4

C. How to set proxy rules.

9. Next we need to set the proxy rules to run the bot program according to the proxy used. Select menu tab Profile – proxy rules.

How to use proxy in Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 5

10. Select button Add to.

How to use proxy for Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 6

11. Create a proxy rule profile:

  • Add Surname, Mark with a cross activated.
  • Select the bot executable you want to use, for example here that the author is using NecroBot. Select the necrobot.exe file.
  • Then choose plot with the proxy address you created earlier. Ok then.

How to use proxy in Pokemon Go Bot (multiple accounts) 7

12. The result looks like the picture below.

How to Use Proxy on Pokemon Go Bot (Multiple Accounts) 8

13. The final step is to run the bot program. The results will be shown for each of the bot applications with a different IP address.

How to Use Proxy in Pokemon Go Bot (Multiple Accounts) 9

Remarks: In order to be able to run 2 or more bot applications at the same time, you have to change the name of the application, for example to NecroBot.exe, NecroBot2.exe etc.).

How to Use Proxy on Pokemon Go Bot (Multiple Accounts) 11


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