How to use PicsArt to display the blurring effect on the photo background

The PicsArt application makes it easy for us to display a variety of unique and cool effects. One of the effects that can be displayed is creating a blur effect in the background Photo. How do you do it then? Let’s do some simple steps below:


1. Open the PicsArt app in Smartphone She.

2. First we create an object first. Choose ‘To edit‘- Find the photo you want to edit – select’Add to‘.

3. Remove the photo background by pressing ‘waste‘.

Object selection. If a part of the object has been deleted, indicate it with the symbol ‘return‘.

4. Click Save and the picture will be saved as decal.

5. Now let’s create background blur. To open again’To edit‘- look for the same photo we deleted background back – click on ‘Add to‘.

6. Select ‘effect‘.

Choose ‘FX‘-‘Blur‘-‘Lens blur‘. Increase the ‘Radius’ value to 73, increase the ‘Lightening’ to 25. Click the check mark.

7. Finally we combine the object photo with the photo background blur. Choose ‘image‘.

Choose ‘add a picture‘-‘photo‘- Find light photos to download.

Download Photo light

Rotate and enlarge the image.

8. To make the still image visible, select ‘layer‘- Change the normal setting to “Delete”.

9. Now we enter the photo of the object that we previously removed from the background. Choose ‘layer‘-‘Add layer‘-‘Empty plane‘.

Look for photos of items we threw away background before. Choose ‘add a picture‘-‘decal‘.

Choose ‘My stickers‘- Search for photos.

10. Adjust the width of the object with the photo background blur. Click the check mark.

11. To make the picture look bright. Choose ‘tool‘-‘Adjust‘.

Increase the brightness value to +7.

Increase the clarity value to 100. Click the check mark.

12. Click on the arrow symbol and you’re done. Now your photo is ready forshare to your social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to use PicsArt to show the blur effect on the photo background’. Much luck.

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