How to use page bookmarks in Google Books

Google platform developed on -based devices Smartphone actually have a lot of supporting uses in it. These applications can certainly support daily activities and enrich our technological knowledge. Some of the applications developed by Google include Gmail / Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Books.

Google Books is an application that has reading capabilities on-line internally. There are many books of different types included in this application /genre which varies. Of course, there are paid books and some free books in this Google Books application. In addition, there are also many features in this application that can help us read books online.

One of the features that can be used when we are using Google Books is the feature bookmark. This feature actually has almost the same function as the feature bookmark generally used to narrow down or flag the page we read or important pages we want to flag. By using Bookmark, then we can easily find important pages or readings that we want to find.

This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to use the features bookmark in the Google Books app. The steps to do this are shown below:

1. Open the Google Books app and select the book you want to read.

2. Zoom out (Zoom out) the book page. Specify the pages that you want to bookmark. Then select the “three dots” logo in the upper right corner.

3. Next, tap Add bookmarks. With the results, a blue sign or symbol (as in number 2) appears on the marked page in the upper right corner.

4. Then zoom out the book page to see which pages have been highlighted. Then select the “Three Stripes” logo in the lower left corner.

5. As for the results of the marked pages (Bookmark) can be seen as the following picture.

This is a tutorial on how to use the feature bookmark in the Google Books app. Hope it’s useful

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