How to Use iPhone iOS Themes on Android

Changing the theme or appearance on Android to be like iPhone iOS is a way for those of you who want to feel like it interface iPhone, while getting rid of the boredom with the look of your Android, that’s all.

No need to root to change the appearance of Android to look like iPhone iOS. This is an easy way to change the look and feel of iOS on your Android device with a more attractive selected theme, full featured, ad-free, even with low storage capacity. Here are the steps:

1. Download GEAK Launcher app in the Google Play Store.

2. After the installation, run the GEAK Launcher application. In the start screen, select the button “walk“.

To do it Launcher as main (Originally), Press the button homeland then select GEAK Launcher on your Android device.

3. The first feature you will see is also an iOS-like interface like Weather Taskbar which is located at the bottom of the screen and symbol Use. To select and replace Wallpaper found in Background images menu.

The system settings of the display also look more attractive than with iOS.

Likewise in the file manager it looks more user friendly. Easier to use for selecting music, videos, applications, files and pictures. Also equipped with a capacity counter.

stud Dial buttons, Contacts and details are just like iOS.

There is also a weather forecast function and a variety of themes that you can download for free from the theme selection menu.

And GEEK Launcher is also equipped with SMS and SMS applications Emoticons the same as IOS without having to reinstall other applications.

The downside of GEEK Launcher is that it doesn’t come with features Lock screen, and Status bar like iOS.

4. To change Status bar Since Android is like the latest iOS, you can use the iNoty application.

Download iNoty App – iNotify OS 10 or iNoty OS 10

5. To be able to change Lock screen like the iphone can use the iphone lock screen application.

Download iPhone lock screen app on the Google Play Store

6. To add Assistive touch like on the iPhone, you can use the Assistive Touch app for Android

Download Assistive touch app for Android in the Google Play Store.


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