How to Use Instagram’s New Photo Booth Features

Have you tried the functions Photo booth the one on Instagram? If you haven’t already, you can see the review below and learn how to use the latest feature.

What social media do you like enough? Internet users at the moment? If there is a question, we can certainly all agree that Instagram is the most in demand social media. Many people share their activities and hobbies through Instagram. Not only is Instagram full of features and indulgence for its users, but it is also used by different types of users or accounts. From personal accounts to brand and large organizations.

After the success of the previous interesting functions, viz story, Instagram continues to grow and keep bringing new features to the market. This feature is also embedded in the Instagram story area. These functions are functions Photo booth. Well, from the name maybe we can all infer what the Instagram feature looks like.

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Instagram photo box

When you see the name we all think that this feature is definitely not far from the machine’s function Photo booth in public places. The statement isn’t wrong, but Instagram does it a little differently. So Photo booth This one on Instagram allows users to create short videos in the form of a slideshow of multiple photos taken directly.

Video tutorials


1. Open your respective Instagram application and then create it story new or go to the maker menu story ( Story ). then Tap small arrow on the left to call up another menu. There you can select the menu Photo booth, then you just start Tap stud Clasp use.

How to Use Instagram's New Photo Booth Features

2. The camera automatically takes some pictures for the photobooth function, it takes about 3 shoot, then you will see a short video with some pictures or photos taken earlier. Tap the photo booth icon which is above to add effects.

How to Use Instagram's New Photo Booth Features

3. There are several effects to choose from below. In addition to the effects of Photo booth yourself, you can add filter effects on Instagram too text to make it more interesting.

How to Use Instagram's New Photo Booth Features


How easy is it not to use the features? Photo booth the one on Instagram. Besides being able to make videos Foils in a short time we can also add filters or even text to make it even more interesting.

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