How to Use Instagram Hyperlapse in 5 Professional Steps

Are you an Instagram app user? Want to do Time-lapse videos on Instagram? To install only the Instagram Hyperlapse app on your iPhone and iPad.

For those of you who don’t know time lapse is a video recording technique that comes from a series of photos. You create a series of photos at set intervals (e.g. 1 photo every 5 seconds) and the app combines all of the photos into a video. Time-lapse is typically used to capture dramatic changes or takes a long time but wants to be briefly summarized. Application examples time lapse are videos of sunsets, the construction of a place and so on.


The Hyperlapse app is available free of charge in the App Store.

The advantage of this application is that you get videos time lapse Quality because this application is packed with features Auto stabilization. The video still looks stable even if it was recorded with shaking hands.

Below, Inwepo gives five tips on how to use Instagram’s Hyperlapse application to make your videos look cooler.

  • Try to record in a stable state.
    This application is already loaded with features Auto stabilization, but the results look more perfect when the video is recorded in a steady state.
  • Avoid changing direction during the quick recording.
    When that happens, video time lapse you will look blurry (blur). The reason for this is that the Hyperlapse application has high speed in recording video.
  • Sufficient lighting.
    Adequate lighting is one of the main requirements when taking pictures or videos. Hyperlapse cannot do its work automatically if the video object does not have enough light.
  • Record shorter moments.
    In addition to the automatic stabilization function, another reason why you don’t need a tripod to record video is the short video recording time. Instagram itself only allows users to share 15 second videos, which means it will take us 3 minutes and it will be 12 times faster with Hyperlapse.
  • Complete with soundtrack
    function soundtrack because time-lapse videos are actually only a supplement. But sometimes the soundtrack can make a video interesting. Before posting a time-lapse video, you can add a soundtrack using any other app in the App Store.

By following the tips above, you can create cool time-lapse videos without using a professional camera. Share your story in the comments column below after using this application. Much luck!

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