How to use Google Maps Live View

Have you tried using the map pointer directly? Live broadcast? If not, you have to try. By using live outlook You will have a more exciting experience with Google Maps in 3D.

Google Maps

Nowadays, of course, we find many users of Google Maps. No need to be confused and wondering if you don’t know the way, we just have to search it on google maps and it will show you the direction of where we are going.
As transportation evolves, so too do the uses and features in maps, including Live broadcast which is combined with the AR function ( expanded reality)

Get to know Google Maps

Who is not todayTo install Google Maps in Smartphone She? Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by the internet giant Google. The advantage of Google Maps is that it is able to display detailed images of road locations and the extent of global traffic jams.

Maps itself is very easy to use and can also be accessed via Smartphone as well as a commuter PC. Of course, it must also be accompanied by a smooth internet connection, although you can download it toodownload Card in advance so that it can be used immediately offline.

Google Maps live view

Now Maps has a new feature that is still related expanded reality. This function can display a digital map, so users can see the map directly with pictures in the real world through the camera. When using this feature, the direction and arrows are displayed and appear as if they are right in front of the user’s camera to point at the target.

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1. Make sure you have downloaded and updated the application Folder the latest version. When it’s open, enter an address or area in the search box. When you’ve found Tap menu route.

How to use Google Maps Live View

2. There will be several menus later, just select that one Live broadcast, later it will ask for permission to access the camera.

How to use Google Maps Live View

3. Then just point the camera at the road, a signpost will appear in the direction you want to go as on the screen.

How to use Google Maps Live View


Specialty Live broadcast at the top you can show the way more precisely as pictures of the surroundings are displayed. While this feature needs to be highlighted, you can only use it outdoors and you will need to use a fairly fast internet connection.

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