How to use emoji characters in Windows 10

who does not know it Emoticon? The unique characters that always appear on our keyboards have a long history of making. Recalled by social media (from Facebook to LINE), the existence of emojis has a major impact on the way users express themselves in cyberspace.

The existence of emoji on Windows has existed since the release of Windows 7. In Windows 10, especially the Fall Creators edition, Microsoft has returned to bring emoji characters into its products and to update the look and feel of emojis to make them more attractive and make it more interactive for users. The representation of the emoji looks very good simple and just.

In this article, we are going to use emoji characters (by default) in Windows 10.

Remarks: Make sure your Windows is version 1709 (Fall Creator)


1. To use emoji characters in the text field, press the key WIN +. or WIN +; At keyboard.

2. If successful, a new page will appear in the form of a collection of emoji characters that we can use.

The emojis we can use vary widely. Ranging from emojis with happy expressions, emojis with pictures of buildings, to emojis with pictures of food. The use of emojis can be adapted to our needs.

To close the emoji page, just press the X button at the top right of the page.

This is a tutorial on using emoji characters in Windows 10. Hopefully it will be useful.

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