How to use Dropbox on a Windows laptop / PC

Dropbox is a service File storage whose function is to store user files on the internet, Dropbox is almost similar to Google Drive, but the difference between these two services is in relation to Hard drive space that they give.

Just like Google Drive, Dropbox created an application that makes it easy for users to upload their files to Dropbox and download their files to Dropbox. Here is a guide.


1. First, download the Dropbox application.

2. Then install the downloaded application and open the application.

3. Once you have the application open, you need to do the following: Sign up if you already have a Dropbox account, or Sign up if you don’t have a Dropbox account.

4. When you are done Sign up Your Dropbox account, you will see a screen like below, click open mine Dropbox (when the display appears with the key next, you click and hold the button next until the end).

5. Then you click on the button getting started (when the display appears with the key next, you click and hold the button next until the end).

6. Then select the button, the part of which meets your requirements.

For example, you might want to save data to both Dropbox and your PC, in the sense that every time you open a file in your Dropbox, you don’t have to wait for the download to begin as the file is on both your PC and on your dropbox, then select the section Create files locally.

And vice versa, if you choose Create files online only makes the uploaded file available only in your Dropbox, and every time you open your file you have to wait for it to download.

7. Then it will be done Folder The new name is Dropbox and it’s a Folder Your Dropbox.

8. Done.

Remarks: Any file you copy to Folder Dropbox, the Dropbox application, will automatically upload the file to your Dropbox account.

This is a tutorial on using Dropbox on a Windows laptop / PC. Much luck.

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